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Katherine Daou
October 1, 2017 | DAOU Mountain, Sustainability, Viticulture | Katherine Daou

Sustainability: A Journey, Not A Destination

Growing up on DAOU Mountain, this pristine terroir has always played an important role in my life. My inherent love for this land has fueled my passion for sustainability in every aspect. As DAOU’s Sustainability Liaison, I have a dedicated focus on bringing sustainability to life today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Upholding our SIP Certified commitment, we are steadfast shepherds of this land we call home. Safe wildlife design, water conservation practices and pest management throughout the vineyard are at the core of this commitment. Staying true to our roots, we go to great lengths to preserve the natural ecosystems for native flora and fauna that live amongst us on the Mountain.

We pay tribute to our environment not only through our sustainable practices in the vineyard, but by implementing a mindful landscape design surrounding the tasting room and beyond. Our Estate gardener has methodically planted a variety of drought tolerant plants that attract pollinators, reduce water usage, and are all native to California. These efforts have attracted hundreds of native bugs, insects, and reptiles, creating even more diversity.

No detail is left untouched. Soil health is extremely important on the property, and we have executed many tactics for land composition. Our Estate gardener has laid an organic bark mixture to cover the ground and maintain moisture. Mixed with the bark is homemade compost that provides microorganisms that break down organic matter to feed the soil. We avoid using any herbicides or pesticides on the Mountain and stick to organic fertilizers that help our ecosystem thrive.

These elements of sustainability are just the beginning. We have many more initiatives planned for 2018 that we cannot wait to share with you!

Until then, 


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